Welcome to Muller & Phipps

Muller & Phipps is a dynamic and reliable wholesale pharmaceutical distribution company.

For the past two decades, Muller & Phipps has become an integral part of the pharmaceutical supply chain in the Southern African region by distributing, importing, selling and marketing a range of pharmaceuticals to government, NGO and private hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and retail outlets. Hundreds of retail and healthcare providers depend on Muller & Phipps to ensure patients and customers have access to the medicine on the shelf when they need them, on time, every time.

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Pharmacy Bulk Orders

Need to re-stock? Take a look at our product range, and send us an enquiry with the quantities required and we will send through a quotation as quick as we can!

Why work with us?

Your pharmaceutical partner – ensuring delivery excellence

Experienced professionals

The Muller & Phipps team have a wealth of experience in all things pharmaceutical and work tirelessly to ensure the products are delivered when you need them.

Importing Expertise

Muller & Phipps has established strong international relationships with key suppliers and are able to import medicines to Zimbabwe, dealing with all regulations and logistics.

Manufacturing Partner

We specialise in partnering with manufacturers to assist in the sales and distribution of their pharmaceutical products by utilising our local knowledge of each market.